Joint Venture: dsb and intan Found infly.

Digital Transformation, Paywalls, Subscriptions, Sales & Audience Development

Osnabrück/Neckarsulm, 03.11.2021: dsb and intan drive digital transformation in the publishing industry with their newly founded joint venture infly. "With infly, we offer media houses a full-service solution consisting of subscription sales expertise and fully integrated digital processes for the first time," says Gisbert Komlóssy, CEO of the intan group. "As a technology supplier, the role of dsb is to provide the IT infrastructure through its dsb-fly platform software modules. With infly, publishers benefit from a 360° view of their customers across products and channels, as infly manages all process from onboarding to payment and churn prevention. infly is currently the only platform on the market that centrally manages customer service, sales and paywalls. The platform processes single sales such as merchandising products via web and app, as well as digital and print subscriptions," adds Olaf Bendt.

CRM, Paywall, Service & Sales Via One Platform
The main advantage of infly is offering maximum customer centricity. From processing orders to CRM, payments, customer service and distribution, infly covers all customer touchpoints. Publishers can receive detailed insights into individual customer preferences. Through infly, campaigns can be launched directly across all channels.

Subscription Retention Through Predictive Marketing
infly’s business intelligence module offers cross-system analysis and forms the basis for targeting customers accurately. AI-based analysis can identify potential cancellations, as well as cross-selling and upselling potential. For instance, infly ensures that customers can pay with their preferred payment methods and that new customers are shown products based on their content preferences.

Automate Processes for Preventing Cancellations
"A new churn prevention module is also part of infly. Whether it's a subscription pause, a free issue, an upgrade to a digital subscription or a lower subscription price - media companies can flexibly define measures for customer retention here," explains Olaf Bendt. Based on this module, campaigns and back-office processes can be fully automated.

Olaf Bendt

Accurate Sales
With the new full-service solution, sales managers have a single point of contact for technology and sales. “Marketing campaigns and new innovative subscription models can be implemented in record time, thanks to the combined expertise of dsb and intan and the wide range of modules on the infly platform,” says Gisbert Komlóssy.

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Two Market Leaders Combine Their Competencies
The dsb group operates Europe's leading customer care and billing platform, ccb by dsb. intan service plus, on the other hand, is Germany's largest independent subscription service provider. Both companies are bonded by a 40-year business partnership. dsb and intan see themselves as "publishing partners" with infly. "We don't offer our customers superficial standard solutions, but instead delve deeper. infly is a flexible platform that is open to changes in the business environment and is therefore future-proof," adds Gisbert Komlóssy.