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Who Are Your Future Customers?

Are you aware of the hidden sales potential among your existing customers? infly is a full-service solution that can solve these problems by analysing data from multiple data sources and identifying sales opportunities or cancellation risks.

Identify Sales Potential With Data-Driven Methods

With infly, you can analyse and systematically process large amounts of data across different channels with the following features: 

Automated Campaigns Boost Your Conversion Rates

With infly, you can create marketing campaigns throughout the entire customer lifecycle and offer the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Predict and Prevent Cancellations

infly calculates the probabilities of how likely it is for a customers to cancel their subscriptions. With the infly platform, you can prevent cancellations by launching customised campaigns. 

Real-Time Data Transfers to Reporting Tools
infly ensures smooth data transfers to Tableau or to other systems that run analytics and generate customised reports. With the infly BI tool, you can define individualised KPIs and run customised reports and analyses at all times.

Business Intelligence
Our BI tool can analyse data from different systems, such as data from web tracking, sales, PIM, CRM and ERP.

Cross-Process Analyses 
From e-shops to telesales and social media - the more data the data warehouse receives from different sources, the clearer the statistical relationships become. Our Business Intelligence Cockpit can flexibly be integrated with other external IT systems.

infly Offers You:

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