Individualised Paywall Recommendations  

infly analyses user behaviour and recommends relevant paywall offers to potential customers based on their preferences. infly can 

Maximal Flexibility With Subscription Models 

infly supports a wide variety of business models such as freemiums, the metered model and subscription models. With the high degree of flexibility and freedom provided by infly, you can test out creative subscription models with targeted campaigns.

Increase Subscription Retention - Convert Readers to Adopt Recurring Payment Methods

Payment processes for businesses that use subscription models are a tricky thing. Recurring payment methods significantly reduce attrition risk.

Digital Payment Methods

With one click, readers can change their payment method from invoice to Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal or Credit Card. Subscribers thus switch from one-time to recurring payment methods and enable publishers to automate recurring charges.

Curious as to how intan service plus converted 18% of their contacted users to using PayPal and SEPA direct debit payment methods through targeted campaigns?

Find out about the details here: case study 

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