Customer Service

360° Customer View  

infly can analyse user behaviour across all channels. From shop orders to CRM, payments and sales, infly covers all customer touchpoints. This enables publishers to have detailed insights into individual user preferences and typical consumer behaviour. With infly and the support of our professional customer care team, AI-driven campaigns can be launched based on these insights.

CRM With Fully Integrated Digital Processes 
infly offers media companies innovative sales management and customer care featuring automated sales and marketing solutions across all digital channels.

Self Service For Maximum Customer Satisfaction 
With Customer Self Service, your users can place orders, manage returns and change their shipping addresses anytime they want. infly offers real-time data transfer for your workflows.

Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Customer Experience
Users expect to have a cross-device and cross-channel customer experience. With infly, your readers can enjoy the omnichannel customer support and go beyond your customers’ expectations.

Smart E-Mail Management
infly features an email tool that can automatically categorise messages and send predefined responses.

Live Chat
With live chat support, infly enables optimal pre-sales and customer support. Integrate WhatsApp and Facebook into your CRM.

Intelligent Product Recommendations to Boost Conversions 
infly features supports cross-selling and upselling with a recommendation engine that offers the most relevant products to your customers based on their individual preferences.

Convert Users To Adopt Recurring Payment Methods 

Subscribers who switch to using a recurring payment method directly after signing up for a subscription have a significantly higher retention rate. This has a direct impact on publishers' returns, whose subscriptions usually only pay off after a term of at least one year.

Digital Payment Methods

With one click, readers can change their payment method from invoice to Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal or Credit Card. Subscribers thus switch from one-time to recurring payment methods and enable publishers to automate recurring charges.

Curious as to how intan service plus converted 18% of their users into using PayPal and direct debit through targeted campaigns? Find out more with this case study.


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