Customised E-Shop Solutions

Bad mobile experiences reduce net sales. Customers expect a cross-channel shopping experience as well as products tailored to their individual needs. With infly, your readers can enjoy the best possible customer experience from all devices - desktop, tablet or smartphone. The infly team provides the best customer experience via telephone, live chat, email and even letters.

Campaign Management

Flexible e-shop solutions are a part of infly. The infly business intelligence tool provides the basis for cross-channel persona building and personalised shopping experiences. You can launch effective sales and marketing campaigns directly with infly. 

infly Offers You:

  • customised e-shop solutions 
  • individualised landing pages 
  • quick checkout processes 
  • payment method recommendations specific to individual buyers 
  • impulse purchases via Facebook and YouTube 
  • intelligent purchase recommendations 

With infly, You Can

  • import article numbers, prices and etc. via data transfers 
  • carry out targeted retention campaigns 
  • integrate abandoned basket processes 
  • process purchases automatically

Smart Payment Suggestions Push Your Conversions
Offer customers their preferred payment methods depending on their device and their usage behaviour.

Impulse Purchases on Facebook and YouTube
Widget solutions ensure high usability and a maximum reach across all channels.

Gain Loyal Customers With Customised Recommendations 
AI-based self-learning algorithms help generate relevant purchase recommendations. A recommendation engine is one of the features of infly.

Great Customer Experience
infly enables a personalised customer approach across all devices. With persona building, we ensure a customised shopping experience.

Cancellation Prevention
With cross-channel monitoring, infly can launch proactive customer loyalty campaigns and lower your churn rate.

Digital Payment Methods
With one click, your customers can change their payment method from invoice to Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal or credit card, switching from one-off payments to recurring payments. This enables you to automate subsequent charges. 

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