Business Enabling

Holistic Business Processes

infly implements your business processes holistically across all channels, from e-shop to logistics to customer care and payments. Our cross-system business intelligence and reporting module can for instance, analyse e-shop baskets, real-time data from PIM, CRM and ERP. With this, the infly data warehouse works as a cross-process management tool. 

End-to-End Process View

infly covers all customer workflows from onboarding to payments and churn prevention. With infly, you can manage all the impressions that customers gain throughout the customer relationship.

Shorten Testing and Learning Cycles

The more flexible and customer-centric your services and business models are, the more revenues you will get. With infly, you can test out new and creative business models without endangering existing core businesses with fast testing and learning cycles for specific target groups.

Ready To Use in Weeks Instead of Months

Configure instead of code. With a wide selection of templates, infly can be ready to use within weeks instead of months.

infly Automatically Processes Purchases 

From print products to digital subscriptions behind a paywall - infly can process purchases and manage access to digital content with paywalls.

The infly Modules At a Glance

Stateful Middleware
infly links heterogeneous systems along the value chain. The platform can for example, process, complete and refine information as well as optimise your omni-channel sales. It ensures that data is consistent across all systems.

With just a few clicks, you can manage your webshop, launch campaigns and design subpages. 

From PayPal to credit card, direct debit, purchase on account, Apple Pay and Amazon Payments - we take care of integrating and processing payments. With the payment widget, you can convert your customers to using recurring payment methods. Case Study 

PIM is an integrated product information management system that aggregates data from different sources. This allows you to merge product data from different systems, centrally manage them and transmit them to different channels.

Omni-Channel Management
With infly, you can optimise and automate your multi-channel campaigns. The platform can administer all sales channels and customer touchpoints. infly ensures efficient processes and helps you manage content across different channels - from e-shop to social media. 

BI and Reporting
infly ensures smooth data transfers to Tableau or to other systems that run analytics and generate customised reports. 

Landing Pages
With infly, you can create landing pages and boost sales of individualised products in a targeted manner. This is perfect for spontaneous marketing campaigns, as products can be adapted flexibly. 

infly can integrate different CRM tools such as Salesforce, Selligent and Dymatrix. With cross-system data exchanges, data can be flexibly transferred, synchronised and aggregated.

Online Self Services
Our online customer service module allows customers to manage their accounts at any time. Customers can, for instance, change their addresses or payment methods in the “Your Account” area

Digital & Analogue Products

Whether you sell physical or digital products and services, infly can manage your workflows and push your sales.

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Our clients have been using ccb, our digital platform for over a decade to manage their print and online subscriptions and as a data resource for customer acquisition campaigns.

- Alexander Münch,
CBDO at dsb Group

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